November 11, 2015 in Insurance

The 4 best auto insurance discounts for young drivers

Asking for a discount on your auto insurance has become as commonplace as that question you may have asked on your first job: “Would you like fries with that?”

Drivers love a side order of discounts with their auto policy, and price breaks mean even more to younger drivers, who typically pay much higher premiums than older drivers. According to the trade group the Insurance Information Institute, insurers typically charge drivers younger than 25 higher rates because they tend to have more accidents than older, more experienced drivers.

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How young drivers can save

Multiple factors, besides your age, affect your car insurance rate, and the types and sizes of available discounts vary from company to company. However, these 4 premium-cutters for young drivers are offered by many insurance companies:

Any discount you qualify for can make your car insurance premiums more affordable — and help you avoid taking a side job just to pay for your insurance.