7 steps to find and buy car insurance

Ask your agent about discounts
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Ask your agent about discounts

Even if you've found a good rate on car insurance, there are almost always additional options for saving more money. So why not ask?

"A good insurance agent should be able to uncover every discount available to you," O'Connor says. "There are often discounts for paying your premium in full or for having your payment drafted (from your bank account)."

There are also discounts for certain types or groups of drivers. For example, there are discounts for teen drivers who take driver's education classes or who maintain a 3.0 grade point average. Discounts are also available to older drivers -- often 50 years or older -- who complete adult driver safety programs.

Another way to save extra money on car insurance is to bundle your policy with your homeowners insurance.

"A lot of people have their auto insurance with a separate company from their homeowners insurance," Barry says. "But almost every company will give you a discount if you have both (types of insurance) with them. So put them together."




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