6 auto insurance potholes

Acts of nature
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Tree fell on a car

The great outdoors offers plenty of perils to vehicles. Bad weather can topple trees and hurl damaging debris. Wild animals can take up residence, chew through wiring and make nests in the upholstery. You might even suffer major damage if you hit a bear or deer.

But if your policy does not include comprehensive coverage, which protects your vehicle from damage not caused by another vehicle or done by striking a stationary object such as a telephone pole, you may be completely exposed, as in uncovered, for nature-related damages.

While comprehensive coverage is usually required if you have an auto loan or lease, it's entirely optional otherwise.

McChristian notes another advantage of comprehensive coverage: "Acts of nature are typically covered, including flood damage," she says. "While your homeowners policy specifically excludes flood, comprehensive typically covers it."




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