5 tips for 2011 Medicare enrollment

Fewer Medicare Advantage plans
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Fewer Medicare Advantage plans

This year, there are 13 percent fewer Medicare Advantage plans to choose from.

But take heart. There are still lots of options -- more than 2,000 insurance plans, according to Allsup. Roughly 24 plans are available in each person's local area.

"So many Advantage plans created confusion in the marketplace," says Gada. "But there's still lots of variety."

If you're considering changing Advantage plans, use the Medicare five-star rating system as your guide. It's updated each fall and measures plan quality. "Opt for a plan that does a good job treating people," says John Rother, executive vice president of policy and strategy at AARP. "There's quite a bit of difference between plans." However, some plans -- ones that are new or small -- may not be included.




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