5 tips for 2011 Medicare enrollment

Medicare changes are afoot
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Medicare changes are afoot

This year, eyeball your Medicare plan especially carefully. There are more changes afoot than in past years. These changes affect enrollment periods, plan choices and even some costs -- though most will remain flat. For example, Medicare Advantage plan prices and benefits change every year, but this year even more so. A plan that fit you last year may not suit you this year, according to Consumer Reports.

"It's complex and confusing," says Paul Gada, personal financial planning director at Allsup. "There are so many factors to consider and information to wade through."

The first place to look is your annual Notice of Change, which was sent in late October. It lists plan changes. During the open enrollment period that ends December 31, you can fine-tune your plan for 2011. "It's always a good idea to re-examine your options," Gada says.

Here are five things every Medicare beneficiary should know.




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