5 car insurance tips for clunker coverage

Drive hard for discounts
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Drive hard for discounts

With the passage of time, your vintage car may be eligible for discounts for which it didn't qualify in its youth.

If you drive your old pal only on weekends or seasonally, check with your car insurance agent about low mileage or pay-as-you-drive discounts.

Your once-hot ride also may qualify for a low-risk discount, and if you've turned the corner on the back nine, you may be able to claim a senior discount as well.

Dig deep to take advantage of auto club or association discounts, multicar discounts, multiline discounts (if you insure your home with the same insurer) and good-driver discounts if your record is unsullied.

Hunter says you may be surprised by the discounts available, as he was when his vintage car qualified for an anti-theft discount.

"Usually, the older the car, the less likely that is. But I do have LoJack (the anti-theft device) on one of my cars because it was my son's car when he was living in New York City and parking on the street. So there are some discounts like that," Hunter says.




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