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Health: Mix and match policies
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In insurance, one size doesn't fit all. And that includes one health insurance policy per family.

"People don't realize they can mix and match policies within families," says Carrie McLean, a consumer specialist at online insurance broker "Perhaps one member of the family needs more care, such as preventive care, and others don't."

For example, she says, it may be cheaper to buy an individual plan for a child than include him or her in a family plan.

The downside, she says, is that family members may go to different hospitals and doctors. "But it's saving you money in the long run," says McLean.

Know your budget for the coming year, says Susan Pisano, a spokeswoman at America's Health Insurance Plans, a trade group. Do you have a chronic condition? Do you want to have a baby? Do you have a lower premium and need higher cost services? Make sure to get your preventive services, Pisano says.


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