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Homeowners insurance: Go for discounts
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Homeowners insurance: Go for discounts

Don't forget to ply your insurance agent with questions about discounts.

"There are five to 10 discounts on house insurance that people aren't aware of," says Don Griffin, vice president of personal lines for Property Casualty Insurers Association of America. For example, he says, insurers offer discounts for homes built to higher building codes.

Other discounts include one for groups, such as professional organizations, and another for people over 55 that can slice up to 10 percent off your premium. Discounts for safety improvements for installing deadbolts or smoke detectors can pare another 5 percent off premiums. Also, loyalty pays off; your insurer may lower your payments 5 percent if you're a long-term client.

All discounts vary from state to state and among companies, though. So it pays to get three to four quotes online from different insurers, says Griffin.


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