2014 brings Obamacare savings and sanctions

End to medical, gender underwriting
End to medical, gender underwriting © Brian A Jackson/

Americans with pre-existing health conditions and women of all ages will have something momentous to toast for the New Year: equal treatment from health insurers.

Health insurance companies can no longer deny you coverage, charge you more, cancel your policy or exclude benefits because you have a life-threatening or chronic health condition. The provision applies to all but "grandfathered" plans that were in effect prior to the Affordable Care Act.

In addition, Obamacare prohibits insurance companies from charging women higher health insurance rates than men or denying them coverage because of health conditions such as pregnancy or cancer.

Don't cry for the insurers, says Morrisey. After all, they'll soon have millions of new policyholders to help absorb the added expense.

"Young, healthy people will pay a higher price to help insure the older and sicker," he says.


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