10 most costly U.S. catastrophes

10 most costly U.S. catastrophes
PerilDateCost when occurredCost in 2006 dollars
Hurricane KatrinaAug. 2005$40,600,000,000$42,390,000,000
Hurricane AndrewAug. 1992$15,500,000,000$22,530,000,000
WTC, Pentagon attacksSept. 2001$18,800,000,000$21,640,000,000
Northridge, Calif., earthquakeJan. 1994$12,500,000,000$17,200,000,000
Hurricane WilmaOct. 2005$10,300,000,000$10,750,000,000
Hurricane CharlieAug. 2004$7,475,000,000$8,068,000,000
Hurricane IvanSept. 2004$7,110,000,000$7,674,000,000
Hurricane HugoSept. 1989$4,195,000,000$6,898,000,000
Hurricane RitaSept. 2005$5,000,000,000$5,220,000,000
Hurricane FrancesSept. 2004$4,595,000,000$4,960,000,000
1. Dollar amounts refer to property and business interruption losses only and do not include life and liability losses.
2. Dollars adjusted for inflation using the CPI calculator provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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