10 hidden home insurance credits

Gated community: Have peace of mind
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Gated community

Do you live in a gated community? Your home insurer shares your peace of mind in knowing there's a layer of security between you and home invaders, and may be willing to credit you for lessening their risk.

"That definitely falls under loss mitigation," says Meehan. "If you live in a gated community, it's a lot less attractive to a thief than a place that doesn't have that security."

In the larger scheme, where you live always affects the rates you pay. That's logical, since some parts of town statistically pose more risk than others of vandalism and theft. But sometimes living in the country can actually cost more.

"If you live near your local fire department in a safe, quiet, easily accessible neighborhood, your homeowners rates might be lower than if your home is located off the beaten path," says Meehan. "Your home may cost more to insure if you are many miles from the nearest fire department."

Gated community credit: 5 percent to 20 percent.




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