10 hidden home insurance credits

High-tech sensors: Create a safer home
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When we think of sensors that keep our home safe, most of us think of either a fire alarm or a security system. While these are both excellent and creditworthy loss-prevention devices, insurance companies are equally excited about a new generation of home sensors that can detect water or natural gas leaks before they become a claim.

Water sensors come in two varieties. Passive leak detectors are inexpensive stand-alone devices that emit an alarm and/or flashing light when moisture is detected. Active leak detectors signal a leak and shut off the water source. Active systems may be installed on individual appliances or as a whole house solution. Gas detectors are most often passive.

"Gas and water sensors are a great credit," says Meehan. "The big-box stores helped create the culture of improving and protecting your home because you can go to Home Depot and Lowe's and just buy this stuff. That drove companies to create solutions that people can self-install."

Sensor credit: 5 percent to 10 percent.




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