Senior discounts for the 50-plus crowd

Household bills
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Discounts on your cellphone, cable, trash pickup, utilities and property taxes aren't likely to be boldly announced on your statement. But if you can find them, even modest reductions on your recurring bills can pay off big.

"If you are getting a regular bill in the mail, it never hurts to call customer service and ask if there are any discounts that might be available to you as a senior," Smidt says.

One caveat is that some of the discount programs for municipal services impose income eligibility rules.

Occasionally, a cable service provider entering a new market will have a contract requirement to offer a senior discount, according to Smidt.

"There are not many of those around, but we have found them in medium to large cities," he says. "You can find these types of discounts by calling your cable provider. Sometimes they'll post it online, but you may have to do some digging."

Property tax discounts are another perk that varies greatly by location. But considering that the benefit is retroactive in many of the places where it's available, it's worth looking into, Smidt says.

Need to take care of some household repairs? AARP offers a 45 percent discount on new membership in Angie's List, the popular contractor-review service, says Clay Buckley, AARP's vice president for lifestyle.


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