5 simple home luxuries for less

'Lemme upgrade ya'
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Even in these days of economic uncertainty, we'd all like some luxuries in our lives. Sure, a home addition or kitchen renovation would be nice, but there are plenty of low-cost changes you can make to upgrade your home without spending a small fortune. Adding in little touches here and there can make a regular room stand out and are an easy way to provide a bit of extravagance.

Here are five types of home luxuries you can acquire that won't break the bank.

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What homeowner wouldn't love a kitchen remodel or maybe even an addition with that extra living space that we could all use? Well, some home upgrades are probably beyond your budget, but there are ways you can give yourself more luxury for less money.

Redoing a bathroom can get very expensive, but you can add a little extravagance simply by changing out the showerhead, to a handheld or an overhead "rain"-style shower.

You can have a fireplace, even if you don't have a chimney, by going with an electric or gel fireplace, with an authentic look and real heat.

An indoor bar makes a luxury statement and can be carved out of an existing room. Just add bar furniture, and maybe a wine cabinet, too.

Finally, you can have a sound system similar to the ones in big, fancy houses by going with a "home theater in a box" that costs as little as $300 and includes speakers, amplifier and subwoofer.


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