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Don't buy new tech in January

What not to buy in January
New tech

This month, prices on electronics are "a mixed bag," says Sharon Banfield, director of public relations for

"You will find a lot of great deals because it's post-Christmas," she says. But new models introduced at January's Consumer Electronics Show will often carry higher prices, she says.

What is on sale in January: older tech. "If you want to go ahead and buy the old model, there's a great deal," Banfield says. What you'll save depends on the type of device, the maker and the retailer, "but again, they're going to be older versions."

Look for sales on TVs. "If a person pays full price for a television from now till March or April, they're not looking at their opportunities," Banfield says.

Expect better deals: Banfield predicts markdowns of 15 percent to 20 percent on TVs in January. And look for deals leading up to the Super Bowl.

Hillary Mendelsohn, author of "thepurplebook" online shopping series and founder of, believes consumers can do even better, especially on large-screen TVs.

"Right after Jan. 1, you're going to start seeing big deals for big televisions -- 20 (percent) to 30 percent," she says. "It's the best you're going to get all year."



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