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Don't buy mattresses, furniture in January

What not to buy in January

"Mattresses are not good buys in January," says Sharon Banfield, director of public relations for

Expect better deals: in February. "Most of the sales occur over the Presidents Day holiday weekend or July Fourth holiday weekend," she says. "That's significant for a mattress -- it's something people have for a decade or more."

What you can save if you wait: "at least 30 percent," says Banfield.

Likewise, if you're considering buying furniture but don't need it right away, you may want to wait a few weeks, says Michelle Madhok, founder of

"The new models are coming out in February, so the furniture won't be on sale until February," she says.

What you can save: up to half off on some of last year's models, says Madhok.

What is on sale in January: holiday trimmings. From wrapping paper to ornaments to home-decor items, "You can save 70 (percent) to 75 percent," says Banfield. "It's very substantial."



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