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You spend time and money to create a nice home. How can you protect it from intruders without it costing a fortune? It's easier than you think.

Chris Hsiung, a lieutenant with the Mountain View Police Department in California, says that the best home security involves multiple deterrents to dissuade opportunists and thieves from making your home a target.

Contrary to what you see on TV, Hsiung says most homes are burglarized during the day when residents are out. "Burglars do not want to confront anybody. At the first sign of occupancy, they're gone," he says. "They just want to grab property and sell it. The criminals know that when someone is in the house, it changes the crime classification."

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Because of this, thieves frequently pose as solicitors, he says. If no one answers the door, that's their cue to head around back and break in. Outsmart a thief with these home security tactics for less.

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You invest a lot in order to make your house a home. That investment could be wasted without proper home security.

Multiple layers of home security make your home a challenge for intruders. While alarm systems can be costly, the threat of noise will deter any burglars to not risk it, and it will give the homeowner a peace of mind. By having a brightly lit entry way you can also challenge burglars who are looking for a quick way in and out.

In addition to an alarm system, homeowners can install outside security cameras. Being a dog lover can also be a security perk. Barking dogs and "Beware of Dog" signs are things that a possible intruder won't want to deal with.

And the easiest way to prevent home intrusion: Use common sense! Don't leave windows and doors open when you leave your house. An open garage door is an open invitation to an intruder.



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