Financial Literacy - Securing retirement
Investing for the future

The enemy is poverty. Your mission: Invest and plan now to ensure a secure retirement.

1. Project retirement

Whether you're just out of college or midway through your career, it's time to figure out where you are on the retirement road map. If you're young, you have some distinct advantages, but if you're late getting started, take heart. It's never too late to start saving. Bankrate's road map helps you figure out your savings rate, based on how much you're earning and how much you've accumulated so far.

2. Strategies for millennials

Youth is wasted on the young -- especially if you aren't saving for retirement. Sure you may be grappling with student loans, house and car payments, plus the daily demands on your pocketbook. But a little effort at retirement savings now will pay off big in the future.

Follow four easy steps to start saving in your 401(k), 403(b) or 457 plan, learn how to juggle debt and savings, and read these Retirement planning tips for 20-somethings.

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3. Investing at 30-something

Adult life picks up steam at this point in life and it's time to ramp up your savings efforts despite new and increasing pressures. Children may be coming into the picture, which means more family expenses plus the possibility of moms dropping out of the work force to care for the little tykes. Already in the workforce for years, 30-somethings with a little bit saved up may benefit from looking at their asset allocation plan to make sure their portfolio is working as efficiently as it could be.

To help keep retirement savings a top priority -- even over college savings -- read these retirement tips for 30-somethings.

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4. Midlife investing

By now you may have amassed a tidy nest egg. Or maybe your nest is empty. Either way, determine the rate at which you should be saving, and check your asset allocation to make sure you've got your savings spread throughout many different asset classes. Though you still have many years until retirement, investing part of your portfolio in stable investments such as bonds and TIPS can mitigate the volatility of the stock market.

Read these tips for 40-somethings to get a handle on making the most of your retirement contributions.

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5. Tips for 50-somethings

Once you hit 50 you could conceivably have 20 years until retirement, even though you'll be officially granted penalty-free entry into your tax-advantaged accounts at age 59½. Whether you're still in the process of stockpiling savings or you already have your ticket out of the work force, everyone can benefit from scaling back on expenses before cashing your final paycheck.

To maximize savings in your final decades in the workplace and plan your escape, read these tips for people 50 and older.

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6. New beginnings

You've worked hard and now here you are -- hopefully healthy and wealthy enough to enjoy a long retirement. How you spend your newfound freedom is up to you, but Bankrate believes you should thoroughly investigate your retirement income options. While you're at it, make sure your portfolio will at least outpace inflation as you cruise through your golden years.



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