Celebs dish on debt

Splurge on things that truly satisfy 


  • Kathryn Morris
    Actress ("Cold Case," "Minority Report")
  • Q&A:
    Bankrate: Do you ever splurge on yourself or others?

Kathryn Morris: When I was in Australia a few years ago, I got to climb across the bridge with a harness and bring two friends with me -- how great was that? So those are some splurges to me. Or, if I send a girlfriend a pair of expensive shoes for no reason at all. And if I buy something for myself because hey, I worked a 22-hour day and I'm really proud of what I did today. I like to be able to celebrate that moment in life. So my splurges can be really big or really small but always satisfying.

  • Lesson learned: It's OK to splurge on something truly satisfying.
Save now so you can invest later 


  • Sue Fleming
    Personal trainer and fitness author ("Buff Fitness" guide series)
  • Q&A:
    Bankrate: What's your philosophy about working hard and saving?

Sue Fleming: I've been a person who sort of works and saves like I was taught by my conservative parents -- save for a rainy day type of mentality. I've been molded in that character. I recently bought an apartment in New York City that is a very big investment but I've been teaching and working two professions so it wasn't all the "Buff Fitness" money. It's been a combination of diligence that I was able to buy this apartment. And I think that's a good investment of my money right now.

  • Lesson learned: Work hard and save now so you can take advantage of investment opportunities later.
Learn from financial mistakes 


  • Jamie Kennedy
    Actor/comedian ("The Jamie Kennedy Experiment," "Heckler")
  • Q&A:
    Bankrate: You once lost a ton of money in the market. What did you learn?

Jamie Kennedy: I remember I had $110,000 in the bank, and I woke up the next day and I had minus $2,000 in the bank. And my broker was a scumbag. I was like, "Why didn't you sell when it went to $75,000?" I was so depressed. I went to yoga. I actually had about $25,000 left. I was so depressed. My yoga teacher was like, "Blue air, breathe it." You know. Live and learn.

  • Lesson learned: Try to learn from your financial mistakes.
Wealth doesn't require more spending 


  • Ian Rankin
    Author (Inspector Rebus novels)
  • Q&A:
    Bankrate: How has financial success changed your spending habits?

Ian Rankin: I don't spend any money. I still dress like a scruffy student. I don't spend money on clothes. I don't have a big, fast car -- I've got a very safe, nice Volvo. I think it's back to childhood, you know; back to parents who never had anything and had to save and have a careful watch on money. It's made me very careful about splurging on luxuries that I don't really need. The things I spend money on now are CDs, DVDs and beer -- exactly the same things I was spending money on when I was 20 years old.

  • Lesson learned: Higher income doesn't require more expensive tastes.



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