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Money offers better choices

Tom Robbins
Author ("Another Roadside Attraction," "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues")

Bankrate: You're not overly interested in money, but has success improved your life?

Tom Robbins: I can't deny that success has its perks. It's afforded me greater mobility -- hitchhiking and Greyhound buses hold a minimum of charm when one hits middle age -- increased independence -- it's been a long, long while since I've had to answer to the neurotic whims of a boss -- and a generally more attractive standard of living -- nostalgia notwithstanding, a plate of fresh belon oysters at Le Dome in Paris is at least marginally more appealing than slops de la mer in a run-down rural love pad in Washington State.

Maybe the best perk, though, is the extraordinary people my literary success has permitted me to meet, some in person, many through the mail. The worst part is being physically unable to oblige those who express a desire to maintain a correspondence with me.


Lesson learned: When success comes your way, be sure to enjoy it.

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