Celebrities savvy with savings

Know your true worth

Peter Frampton
Musician ("Frampton Comes Alive," "Fingerprints")

Bankrate: At the height of your success, you lost out on some of your earnings. What happened?

Peter Frampton: I was doing very well personally. I was making a lot of money but not realizing that that wasn't all that should have been going to me. By the time you realize all that, a lot of money has gone elsewhere. It's like when you go back to some of the original R&B and blues guys and if they complained about their recording contracts, the record company would send them a car and they would go, 'Oh wow, they like me!' They didn't realize that they could have bought a hundred of those with the amount of money that was owed them.


Lesson learned: Realize your worth and make sure you're adequately compensated for it.

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