Celebrities savvy with savings

Requisite course: Financial management

Carrie Ann Inaba
TV star ("Dancing with the Stars")

Bankrate: What money advice do you have for other creative people?

Carrie Ann Inaba: I work so hard for something and, especially as a woman, I've worked extra hard to support myself throughout my whole adult life. In this business, I'm an independent contractor whether I'm on a No.1 show today or not, so I'm always going to have to make sure I have a roof over my head and food on my plate. I work hard for it and I save it. I wish with any creative expression classes, such as art or dance, that they would give classes on managing finances. I see so many talented people unable to stay in Los Angeles and pursue their dreams because they don't have the funds to do that.


Lesson learned: Learning about finances can boost your odds of creative success.

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