Q&A with David Gilmour of Pink Floyd

Bankrate: What do you enjoy doing when you're not performing?

David Gilmour: Life is so full with raising children, trying to get them to school on time, trying to help them get their homework done, and trying to sort out their lives and bring them up properly. Life just seems very busy with all that domestic sort of stuff, I'm afraid. I do love flying airplanes. That's one of my main hobbies, which I haven't had enough time for just lately. I love the feeling of being free as an American eagle, soaring above the planet on a wing and a prayer.

Bankrate: What do you do to treat yourself?

David Gilmour: I like to go to Italy or France and get on a boat and sail around. Sailing around different spots is one of my favorite occupations for leisure time. I like the sea. I don't really know why. It's a pretty primal sort of thing. That, and sitting around a campfire staring at the flames and cooking a few sausages and singing a few songs with a bunch of friends. That's pretty hard to beat.

Bankrate: I've read that you're now one of the richest men in England. Is that true?

David Gilmour: No. It just isn't. I don't know how one counts as being one of the richest and whether these things are accurate, but I would think there are probably thousands richer than me. I have been very lucky. I am very well off. This gift I was given, and what's gone along with it, has made me more money than I think I deserve. But I'm not up there with the Rockefellers, or some of the new Russian millionaires.

Bankrate: Has the creation and playing of music ever been overshadowed for you by having to deal with financial concerns?

David Gilmour: I do my very, very best to make other people deal with as much of that as I humanly can, so it doesn't impinge on me too much. When it does impinge I can feel moments of irritation, but it's part of life. You've got to deal with it.

Bankrate: Is there any part of that you enjoy, as far as investing?

David Gilmour: No. I'm not remotely interested in any form of investment. I just hope someone's looking after it properly.

Bankrate: I understand you're very fond of charity work.

David Gilmour: I'm not fond of charity work, but I have a charitable foundation which does give money out to various, suitable worthy causes of a global and local nature, big ones and small ones, which we spend a little bit of time dealing with every year. But life is a busy thing. I wish I could be a bit more dedicated to doing good. But I figure if I can't put that much time into it, I can at least put some more money into it.


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