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Fame & Fortune: Jenny McCarthy

Bankrate: You, Jim (her boyfriend, actor Jim Carrey) and Evan all are on the same nutritional path. Can you sum that up?

Jenny McCarthy: No wheat, dairy or sugar ... (and) no meats. We eat as organically and naturally as possible with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Bankrate: I guess you could say this Wii experience is another creative endeavor. You've been in the entertainment business a long time now.

Jenny McCarthy: About 15 years.

Bankrate: Do you feel that you're financially stable at this point?

Jenny McCarthy: Never. (laughs) Never! People say, "Oh, but you're dating Jim Carrey so." ... Yes, that's right, I'm dating him. We have separate everything. I pay for my own and my son. He's helping us as in being the most incredible father figure to Evan, but I'm really independent and I don't like to be financially dependent on anybody at any time in my life.

Bankrate: Do you put away money for a rainy day?

Jenny McCarthy: I sure do. I'm really big on inducting new projects, too. I opened up an autism school in Sherman Oaks, Calif., in August called Teach2Talk Academy. Then I started a vitamin company called Kartner Health. Things like that I want to keep in a direction that I want to live, which is healthy, and be an advocate of health.

Bankrate: It looks like you're a very busy woman. How do you reduce stress in your everyday life?

Jenny McCarthy: Allowing myself some "me" time. I consider myself to be one of the busiest moms in the world and I still find time for "me" time. Even if it means putting on this Wii fitness game for just 15 minutes and doing a brief workout or maybe just walking down a street and doing some window shopping. I even go online to look at Perez Hilton's site, but it's "me" time and we don't give ourselves that often enough.

Bankrate: What's on the top of your to-do list right now?

Jenny McCarthy: Getting a pedicure, there's "me" time. I do have a lot of things I'd like to conquer. I'd like to write a novel. I've yet to do that. I've written seven books, but never a novel. I'd like to open up 19 more autism schools around the country. Once we get the money from the Sherman Oaks one, we'll open the next and the next and so on.

Bankrate: You must be aware of your persona and how some people feel about you speaking about autism and nutritional guidance.

Jenny McCarthy: The one thing I can say is, I've always been honest, truthful and (tough) and never really cared what people or the critics thought. So when I came out with my story and what happened with my son, I could really give a crap what anybody thought other than, hopefully, I'm helping some families.

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