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Fame & Fortune: Dayna Devon

Bankrate: I know you are an avid eBay shopper. What's been your biggest splurge?

Dayna Devon: Oh gosh, there's been so many. We furnished our entire house from eBay. We actually got a fireplace from Sweden and a huge angel I have hanging over a doorway that was from a church in Europe.

Bankrate: You have openly talked about your tummy tuck after having your children -- and your husband actually performed it. Did you purposely wait to have your second child before having this procedure?

Dayna Devon: Yes, because once you do this, it's not recommended you have another baby and Brent had wanted several children. I'm just not a good pregnant woman (laughs). I wanted my kids close in age and for them to be friends. My brother and I were farther apart in age and didn't get along when we were younger. But having two babies in two years really took a toll on my body. I didn't really have enough time to recover. So I did have this procedure completely for vanity and now I have a washboard stomach that I never had even before I was pregnant.

Bankrate: How much weight did you gain with your pregnancies?

Dayna Devon: I gained 24 pounds with each one. I watched my weight and was religious about it. I did what I call Brent's boot camp while pregnant, and on weekends we would park the car and walk everywhere. I think Brent and I walked about 20 miles a weekend. Walking is great for pregnant women, anyway. So I had lost all my pregnancy weight but still had that stomach muffin top that I camouflaged with certain clothing, but I got tired of it.

Bankrate: So what do you eat to keep your body in shape and sustain your energy?

Dayna Devon: Well, caffeine helps with energy (laughs). But I always eat a really good fiber cereal in the morning and that starts my day out right. I try and eat a lot of vegetables too, which seem to make a difference in my staying power. If I get really hungry, I tend to go for sweet things and that starts the sugar roller coaster so I try to keep myself satisfied so I won't binge.

Bankrate: What are you thankful for?

Dayna Devon: Everything. I'm thankful for my job, my children and I love my husband so much … I love my parents, friends and I'm thankful that we have shelter, especially after you see all these tragedies in the news. I'm thankful for the values my parents gave me. There's so much to be thankful for that it makes me humble in my world.


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