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What to ask before taking credit cards overseas

Credit Cards » What To Ask Before Taking Credit Cards Overseas

Does my issuer have international partnerships?
Does my issuer have international partnerships? © Meryll/

Does my issuer have international partnerships?

You can get hit with more fees if you use an ATM overseas. Your hometown bank may help you get around this, however, if it has strong international partnerships.

"Some banks have huge networks and you can avoid fees totally in that country," says Linda Sherry, director of national priorities at Consumer Action. Call your credit card company for details because affiliations can vary by region.

Don't fret if the ATM screen doesn't register the partnership on site. "It's a bit confusing," Sherry says. "Sometimes the ATM will say you are going to be charged a fee, but you won't be charged that fee if you're in-network."

If your bank has no partner in the country you're visiting, you may still want to use the ATM, says Brian Kelly, founder of

"Paying a few dollars to your bank and getting a good conversion is likely a better deal than trying to exchange cash at a conversion place," Kelly says.


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