2009 Gift Card Study
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MasterCard gift card

Monetary unitsKeyBank (Key Possibilities Prepaid Gift Card): $25 to $2,500. NetSpend All-Access MasterCard up to $10,000.
FeesKey Possibilities: $3.95 card issuance fee; $1 ATM withdrawal/cash advance fee; $0.25 ATM balance inquiry; $9.95 refund processing fee. A $2.50 monthly maintenance fee will be charged against any unused balance on the card beginning 12 months after the date the card was issued/purchased, or one month after the expiration date, whichever comes first.
ExpirationKey Possibilities gift cards are valid until the "good thru" date shown on the face of the card.
RedeemableGift cards can be used anywhere that accepts MasterCard debit cards.
NotesKey Possibilities MasterCard gift card can be purchased at KeyBank branches. The maximum value that can be loaded to a Key Possibilities card for noncustomers is $500 a day.

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