How to get a free credit score

What you get: The Credit Score Card tells you your credit score range, a few reasons your credit rating isn't higher and where it falls on a scale from low to high. The score freebie is actually your Equifax Risk Score, which goes from 280 to 850. The ERS score is used by "some" credit grantors, according to Equifax.

The score is based on your Equifax credit report, but the report doesn't come with the score estimate. To get a free credit report, visit


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Jeanine Skowronski

CFPB: Lender distorted credit reports

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has an eye on credit reporting issues. The agency took enforcement action against auto financer First Investors Financial Services Group Inc. Wednesday for distorting consumer credit records for years. Per the CFPB, First Investors, which lends primarily to subprime borrowers, failed to fix known flaws in a computer system that  ... Read more

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