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Get cash with a small-business credit card

Access to business credit remains tight. A small-business credit card can provide a quick, easy source of funding for business owners.

The first thing to know when applying for a small-business credit card is that creditors look at your business and your personal credit histories. Those will be used to determine whether you are approved for the card, and if so, to establish the credit limit as well as the interest rate.

You can learn more about the benefits and terms of various business credit cards at If you find a credit card that sounds like a good fit for your particular business needs, you can apply for the card on the spot.

Along with providing a source of funds, there are other benefits that come from carrying a small-business credit card.

  • A small-business card generally carries a higher credit limit than a personal credit card. Credit card providers recognize that small businesses often charge more and make larger purchases than consumers do.
  • Card providers are likely to issue multiple cards to business owners and often charge no extra fee for additional cards. Business owners can determine the amount of credit each employee can access and where the cards can be used.
  • Using a business credit card also makes the accounting process easier because personal and business expenditures are no longer commingled. By separating the two, debt management becomes simpler, because you can determine what types of business expenditures you make most frequently.
  • Many business credit cards are tied to rewards programs. Those points can be used for purchases such as travel, gasoline and office supplies. Some offer discounts for doing business with particular merchants.

Just like with a personal credit card, however, business owners should be judicious when using their small-business credit card and pay off any purchases as quickly as possible.

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