2010 Credit Card Fees Study
2010 Credit Card Fees Study
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VyStar CU Classic

2010 Credit Card Fees Study » Survey results » VyStar CU Classic

VyStar CU Classic
APR fixed/variableAnnual feeOverlimit feeLate feeInactivity fee
Fixed$0$27 on balances over the credit limit by 1% or more$25 on every payment that is 10 days or more lateNone
Service fees:
  • Returned payment/check: $28
  • Other payment fee : $0
  • Stop payment (convenience check): $32 or $20 if canceled online
  • Statement copy: $5
  • Overdraft: Do not offer
  • Card replacement: $0
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Product Rate Change Last week
Balance Transfer Cards 15.76%  0.01 15.77%
Cash Back Cards 16.44%  0.04 16.48%
Low Interest Cards 11.04% --0.00 11.04%
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