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Bank of America Accolades

Introduced in June 2007, the Accolades card is reserved for Bank of America's wealthiest clients.

The Accolades card promises its members access to once-in-a-lifetime adventures and experiences and limited memorabilia as well as access to premier events and attractions.

Card members receive a broad range of travel offers and upgrades including exclusive privileges at some of the world's top hotels, complimentary companion airline tickets and an emergency medical evacuation service.

A full-service concierge provides Accolades card members with event tickets, gift referrals, restaurant reservations and travel information and assistance.

And Accolades card members with more than $200,000 in assets with Bank of America receive enhanced benefits such as comprehensive identity theft protection and recovery services and complimentary access to more than 500 airport lounges worldwide.

The Accolades card also has a charitable side. Rather than cash in the rewards they earn with the card, Accolades card members may give the rewards points to charities.

An Accolades card member in Bank of America's Private Bank and Family Wealth Advisors program can use rewards points to make a donation to a favorite charity. And Bank of America will match the card member's charitable contribution.





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