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Bankrate's 2013 Credit Card Cash-Back Rewards Survey included the Columbus Bank & Trust Purchase Perks. With the Columbus Bank & Trust Purchase Perks, cash redemption is for statement credit, or you can redeem points to pay annual fees.

Columbus Bank & Trust Purchase Perks

Annual feeBasic card: $12
Premier card: $50
Intro bonusEarn double points for the first 90 days.
Reward formulaEarn 1 point for every $1 in qualifying net purchases.
Cash-back ratio*1%
Expiration period on rewardsPoints will expire four years from the end of the calendar month in which they were earned.
Intro purchase APR0%
Intro purchase APR length6 months
APR7.24%, 9.24%, 12.24%, 15.24%, 18.24%
  • Cash redemption is for statement credit only as follows: 25,000 = $250; 50,000 = $500; 100,000 = $1,000. You have the option to redeem accrued Purchase Perks points to pay annual fees. Max points with Basic card: 120,000 points; Premier card: 200,000 points.
  • Single credit card:
    - Up to 12 months participation: no points assessed.
    - 12-24 months participation: 6,000 points assessed (or $40 optional fee).
    - 25-36 months participation: 12,000 points assessed (or $80 optional fee).
    - More than 36 months participation: 18,000 points assessed (or $120 optional fee).

*The cash-back ratio lists the rate or rate of returns offered on transactions. examined 54 cash-back cards from 21 of the largest issuers. The survey was conducted April 8-18, 2013. Rewards are subject to change. Check with the institution for the latest information.



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