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7 ways your credit card can boost travel

Credit Cards » 7 ways your credit card can boost travel

Change currency without a fee
Change currency without a fee © Jovan Mandic/

Change currency without a fee

International travelers may not realize it, but if they want to use their credit cards overseas, they may end up paying a foreign transaction fee, says Susanna Zaraysky, author of "Travel Happy, Budget Low: Over 200 Money Saving Tips to See the World."

"When you make purchases abroad, your credit card may charge you a foreign currency transaction fee of anywhere from 1 (percent) to 3 percent," Zaraysky says. "This can become expensive if you buy many things abroad with your credit card."

Several credit issuers waive their foreign transaction fees on specific cards and some have done away with foreign transaction fees altogether.

According to Zaraysky, most travelers should carry a few cards for security reasons, so it's a good idea to check with your credit card company to find out which card will give you the best deal when making purchases in a foreign currency.

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