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7 ways your credit card can boost travel

Credit Cards » 7 ways your credit card can boost travel

Try not to pay for bags
Try not to pay for bags © monticello/

Try not to pay for bags

Like it or not, most airlines charge extra for baggage these days. But depending on the airline and the credit card in your wallet, you may be able to check your luggage without the fee.

"When Continental Presidential card members book flights with their credit cards, their first bag -- and often second bag depending on their card type -- are flown free of charge," says Adam Goldstein, CEO of Hipmunk, a search engine for flights and hotels.

"Delta SkyMiles (credit) card members can check their first bag for free regardless of whether they book the flight with the card, he says. "They simply (need to) provide the SkyMiles number when booking the flight or when checking in at the airport."

If you aren't flying Delta or Continental, other travel rewards credit cards may offer reimbursement of luggage or other incidental charges, so check before you book.

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