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Private medical information
Private medical information © Mr Doomits/

Private medical information

The Fair Credit Reporting Act prohibits listing information on your report that discloses private medical information to insurance companies. However, medical debt, including medical collections, can show up on lender credit reports, says Ulzheimer.

One possible exception is if you pay with a credit card or through a third-party lender. The balance with the lender could show as a regular debt, minus any medical information, he says.

In collections, medical debt can pop up on a credit report. But privacy rights are still in effect.

Experian lists the item as medical debt, along with the balance, default date and collection status. There is "no information on the type of condition treated, where you received the treatment, the name of the medical collection company -- anything that would be of concern," Griffin says.

An Equifax report includes the name of the creditor (e.g., medical corporation, treating agency, doctor's office) but would not include information denoting that it is for medical services," says Griffanti. If the provider's name breaches confidentiality, the provider more than likely would report using the "parent company or holding entity" instead, she says.

TransUnion includes the balance in collections and that it's medical debt, says O'Neal, with no information on providers or services.


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