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7 credit cards for celebrities


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If celebrities lived like the rest of us, what kind of credit cards would they have? I'm Clark Palmer with your personal finance minute.

Actor James Franco has attended some prestigious universities recenty, so he might get plenty of offers for student credit cards.

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie should consider a frequent-flier card because of all the travel she does for charity. Many travel cards offer one mile or more per dollar spent.

If Lindsay Lohan's credit has suffered due to her personal struggles, she may want a card for people with bad credit.

Comedian Jay Leno owns more than 100 cars, so he could get plenty of cash-back rebates with a gas rewards card.

Shopaholics like Kim Kardashian should consider retail credit cards. If Kardashian is loyal to one store, getting a card from that store is a great way to rack up discounts.

Successful businessman and former basketball player Earvin Magic Johnson, might get a business card to help him manage his accounting.

Actor Nicolas Cage has had some financial struggles, so if he's looking for money back on his spending, he may want a cash-back card.

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