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Cash-back credit card
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Cash-back credit card

Over the years, actor Nicolas Cage has made a lot of money. At his peak, he was making $40 million a year, appearing in such films as "Gone in 60 Seconds," "Con Air" and the "National Treasure" series. But lavish spending, a $13 million bill for back taxes and bad real estate investments took their toll on the star's fortune.

He's reportedly back on track, starring in a new thriller called "Pay the Ghost." But if Cage is looking for money back on his spending, and he's sure he won't run a monthly balance, he may want to sign up for a credit card that pays cash back.

Some cash-back rewards cards offer higher cash rebates based on spending level or category purchases, and Cage would do well to choose a card that matches his new, more restrained spending habits. But no matter which card Cage picks, he should remember that every dollar earned represents money spent and it's not thrilling to be haunted by overspending.


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