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Bad-credit credit card
Lindsay Lohan © Rena Schild/

Bad-credit credit card

Lindsay Lohan has run into numerous rough patches in the past few years. But she told "The Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon her brushes with the law are a thing of the past and that she's on the road to recovery.

If the actress' credit has suffered because of her personal controversies, she may want to consider a card designed for people with bad credit.

One important question Lohan should ask is whether the card reports to all three credit bureaus, since that's the only way to translate good payment habits into an improved credit score. But because someone like Lohan might be considered a greater credit risk, the issuer will likely want to charge higher fees, so she should shop around and avoid the mean girls of the credit card world. At first, her rates might be higher and her credit limit lower, but with a good track record, she can eventually qualify for a card with better terms.

Of course, using a credit card to improve your credit score is effective only if you pay your bills on time and avoid carrying a large balance. So before Lohan asks for a card that's fully loaded, she'll want to make sure she can handle the one she has.


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