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Change the due dates
Change the due dates © Creativa/

Change the due dates

Here's something you might not know: Billing dates aren't carved in stone.

If you're not juggling bills and paychecks, it can be a lot easier to remember one due date than three or four, says Joe Ridout, consumer services manager with Consumer Action.

Call card providers and get all your billing dates moved to the same day each month, he advises.

"So, if you have five cards, have them all due on the 10th of the month," he says. "It's not something a lot of credit card users do, and it can save you some stress."

For card users "who have the means to pay, it can be a nice convenience," Ridout says.

Bonus travel tip: Want something to reduce your stress now and when you get back? Remember that, plastic or no, what you're spending is still real money, says Arlowe.

When you whip out that card, "think of yourself as taking it out of your checking account," she says. "Be mindful of what you budget and don't go crazy."


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