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Tips for using credit cards while traveling

Credit Cards » Tips For Using Credit Cards While Traveling

Seek the perks
Seek the perks © Ri.Ch/

Seek the perks

Not all cards offer the same benefits. And some of them "might have perks that come into play when traveling," says Tiffany.

If you usually use your cards to buy nothing more exotic than gas and groceries, you might not know if any also offer things like concierge services, discounts on rental cars, free breakfasts or late checkouts at hotels, free (or discounted) medical travel insurance and emergency evacuation insurance, Tiffany says.

Are you buying something expensive for your summer travels, like a plane ticket or a weeklong hotel stay? Opt for a card that gives rewards or points, says Danielle Fagre Arlowe, senior vice president with the American Financial Services Association.

And look for ways to amp up your rewards, such as booking through the card's website, she says.

Bonus travel tip: Don't keep all your cards (or your cards and card replacement information) in the same place when you travel, says Eva Velasquez, president and CEO of the Identity Theft Resource Center.

That way, if some are lost or stolen, you'll have others you can use, she says. And if cards are stolen, you'll still have the information you need to replace them.


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