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5 savvy ways to spend gift cards

Gift cards are as good as cash
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Gift cards are as good as cash

Looking for some extra cash?

Check out those gift cards gathering dust in the back of your drawer, and tally up the total.

Have you got a handful of store gift cards just begging to be cashed in? Or maybe you have a couple of general-use gift cards, such as Visa or American Express gift cards, which can be used anywhere the network brand is accepted.

Merchants consider gift cards as good as cash and you should, too. So consider a bright and shiny gift card found money and shop wisely.

"Treat it like any other money you have," says Julia Scott, founder of BargainBabe.com. "You should spend it carefully."

Click through the slides for five ways to spend gift cards wisely, and don't forget to check out the results of our 2010 Gift Card Study.




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