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August 2011 Financial Security Index » Net Worth


Please think about your net worth, or your total assets including any real estate equity minus your debts. Compared to 12 months ago, is your net worth:

Americans reporting lower net worth reached a year-to-date high of 30 percent, up 5 percentage points from a month ago.
Not surprisingly, more than a quarter of high earners ($50,000 or more) say their net worth is higher today, versus about 1 out of 7 lower earners.
More than a third of Americans ages 50 and older say net worth declined, versus 20 percent of Americans younger than 30.
Robert Fuest

"It's not going to change until the political and job landscapes have changed."

We've seen personal spending kick up over the past two months, and the people who feel their net worth is now lower than it was one year ago probably felt some malaise about belt tightening, which led to spending. Whereas, on the other side, those people who feel their net worth is higher than it was one year ago, those individuals have refrained from spending and hunkered down and maybe changed their lifestyles. Now the changes they might have made a year ago are starting to make a more significant impact on their net worth.

- Robert Fuest, COO and head of investment research at Landor & Fuest Capital Managers in New York City.

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