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August 2011 Financial Security Index » Job Security


How do you feel about your job security compared to 12 months ago?

The percentage of people feeling less secure about their jobs reached a peak year to date, rising 11 percentage points from May's 18 percent.
One-third of Americans between ages 30 and 64 feel less secure in their jobs now than 12 months ago.
One-third of those with a high school education feel less comfortable today, compared to 25 percent of college grads.
Dan Yu

"More people now feel less secure."

The number of people who feel more secure has remained nearly static, but there is a jump to 29 percent of people who feel less secure this month. It seems as though people weren't comfortable to begin with, and that feeling is starting to be exacerbated. For an explanation, we can look at what has gone on with our own government recently, the fact that many folks have been out of work for as long as three years and then the insecurity of what is going on in Europe and the markets. That combination would rattle anyone.

- Dan Yu, managing director and lead retirement expert of EisnerAmper Wealth Advisors in New York City.

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