College is a lot more complicated than it used to be, when the biggest decisions involved choosing a major and finding the best Greek association to join. Nowadays, funding higher education is difficult, especially in this time of tight credit, and the housing and meal plan choices once you’ve decided on a school are confusing.

Navigating through college choices
  • Is therehelp onthe horizon for college costs?

    With the credit crunch hitting student loans and costs of tuition soaring, paying for college is daunting. But there may be a few rays of hope.
  • Last chance for financial aid

    When thousands of students apply to multiple schools and make their final selections late in the game, sometimes money is left on the table.
  • Doing the student loan shuffle

    The credit crunch has extended to the student loan market, leaving some families without private loan options.
  • Choosing college meal plans and housing

    These days, it seems like students need an advanced degree just to choose among college meal plans and housing options.
  • What’s in your college housing contract?

    It pays to know the details of a college housing contract or lease before signing on the dotted line.
  • Compare local college loan rates

    Use this tool to compare the rates of local college loans.

In this special section, college is demystified. Whether your choices involve private or public university, living off campus or on, eating in or eating out, we’ll help you sort through the decisions and details. Plus, supply and demand means there is hope where college costs are concerned.

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