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Antioch College, Ohio
Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio | Photo courtesy of Antioch College

Antioch College, Ohio

The deal: Free tuition for 4 years to all incoming freshmen in the 2014 academic year.

Formerly part of Antioch University, this college in Yellow Springs, Ohio, closed from 2008 until 2011 and reopened as a separate school last year. As it rebuilt enrollment, Antioch provided a full-tuition scholarship valued at more than $100,000 to all freshmen entering that fall. It offered half-tuition scholarships to 2015 enrollees, says Dean of Admission Micah Canal.

"We don't want to pull any punches here or underestimate the assignment of coming to a small, private, academically rigorous college and actually rebuilding it," says Canal. "(It's critical) to attract the very best, the most academically capable and also the most gritty students to come here to help us take on this rather challenging and unique assignment."

Families still pay for room and board, which totals $11,365 for the upcoming year; however, separate grants are available to help needy students.

Only a few schools, such as the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, offer gratis tuition to all. But the 5 U.S. service academies and work colleges, including College of the Ozarks in Missouri and Berea College in Kentucky, provide free tuition in exchange for military service or work.

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