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Successful salary negotiating
Money Management 101
Student loan strategies
Establishing credit
It's easy to save
Lifestyle changes
Living on your own
Buying your first car
Insurance needs for new grad
Building your career
Quick intro to taxes
Managing your taxes
Can I deduct it?
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Those paychecks are great -- but you need to remember to save. Whether it's for a car, a house or a child's education, Bankrate has calculators and advice to help you set and achieve your financial goals.

What's your spending style?
Do you know your money habits?
Budget worksheet, Debt-repayment guide

Calculate a savings goal, Check savings rates
Important records to keep, what to toss
How much can you save in your 401(k) plan?

What is your credit score?
What will it take to pay off your credit card?
The true cost of paying the minimum
Find the best credit card for you

Compiled by Dena Dubay, Dani Arthur, Amy Fleitas and Myra Cristobal. Illustrations by Brandy Kesl.




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