4 ways to cut college housing costs

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An added bonus to living on campus is that students have a wide array of cheap and free resources at their fingertips. From free dorm dinner nights (for those not on the meal plan) to low-cost lofts for beds, university housing departments frequently offer their on-campus residents strong fiscal help simply for living where they do.

At the University of Iowa in Iowa City, on-campus residents needn't buy dorm necessities like vacuum cleaners because the school rents them at a significantly lower cost.

"For $15 a year, students can rent a vacuum instead of purchasing one and lugging it home at the end of every year," says Von Stange, director of housing and dining. "It's small, but our students use the service a lot."

An additional perk is that UI residents are also eligible for two specialized scholarships only available to on-campus students.

To make the most out of your school's free resources, on-campus students should hit up their financial aid office to see if they're eligible for any specialized scholarships, grants or work-study jobs.




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