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Atlantic Coast Bank in Jacksonville, Florida, offers its High Tide Rewards Checking, with a low annual percentage yield for this type of account. But it also offers a high balance cap. Bankrate's 2015 High-Yield Checking Survey breaks down the returns you can get with each account and the hoops you'll have to jump through to get them.

Atlantic Coast Bank

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Nationally offered?Y
APY %0.2
Default APY %0.05
Monthly debit transactions required10
Bill pay or automatic withdrawal required?Y*
Direct deposit required?Y*
E-statements required?Y
Balance cap$20,000
APY % above cap0.3
High Tide Rewards Checking: Available nationally. At least 1 direct deposit or automatic payment per month is required to post and clear. Have a valid email address on file and receive e-statements. Amount over $20,000 yields 0.3%, if requirements are met. ATM fee refund: Up to $25 per statement cycle, if requirements are met. ATM fee refunds are auto transferred to the Sunrise Savings account. The advertised High Tide Rewards Checking APY is based on compounding interest. The interest earned is automatically transferred to the Sunrise Savings account each statement cycle and does not compound at the current High Tide Rewards Checking APY. Sunrise Savings APY: 0.2% APY applies to balances of $0.01 to $100,000 and 0.3% APY applies to balances over $100,000, if requirements are met. APY is 0.05%, if requirements are not met.

*See notes section for more details. canvassed banks, thrifts and credit unions from March 16 to March 25 and has displayed data on 56 high-yield checking accounts.


Bankrate's 2015 High-Yield Checking Survey You can earn a good return on high-yield checking -- if you can meet the requirements.
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