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'Mad Men's' Vincent Kartheiser watches his spending

On "Mad Men," Vincent Kartheiser's Pete Campbell can be ruthlessly ambitious, striving to advance no matter the cost. In real life though, the friendly, down-to-earth Kartheiser -- who recently played another ambitious role, that of the man who controls the world's time in the sci-fi action film "In Time" -- seems quite different. He spoke to us about his surprising career to date.

Vincent Kartheiser
Vincent KartheiserPhoto by PR Photos
Have you ever bought yourself something really extravagant?

In my adult life, I've become much more conservative. As a teen, I felt like, "Oh, I'll make this money forever." Now I know that won't happen. So what I like to do with my money is I travel once in a while. I also redesigned my house, which was pretty expensive, but worth it.

Lots of us get totally obsessed with redesigning our houses, which is another form of art. That was a great investment. I don't know if I'd call it too fancy, though. It's kind of a living expense.



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