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The Who's Roger Daltrey: frugal 'wizard'

At 67, Roger Daltrey of The Who likes to stay as busy as ever. He's been giving his fans a special treat of late, touring a solo version of the group's legendary rock opera, "Tommy," across the United States and Canada. And for Who fans seeking to dig deeper into their favorite band's oeuvre, The Who will be releasing a box set of their other rock opera, "Quadrophenia," complete with a remastered version of the album and previously unreleased songs and demos on Nov. 15. Daltrey spoke to Bankrate about the band's early days and his life as an English rock star.

Roger Daltrey
Roger DaltreyPhoto by PR Photos
In the early days of The Who, before you were stars, how did you make your living?

I was a sheet metal worker.

Did you enjoy it?

I actually did. Because in a funny way, it was creative. We used to make things. We used to make very early computer cabinets, and I was with a great bunch of guys, and we used to sing all day. It was great.

What did you sing?

You name it, we sang it. Mostly things with a rhythm -- things with harmonies, like the Everly Brothers, and a lot of Johnny Cash, which was one of the best rhythms to bang bits of tin to.



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